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Clinical Hematology Theory and Procedures 5th Edition – Mary Louise Turgeon

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Clinical Hematology Theory and Procedures 5th 2011
It is a pleasure to author the 5th edition of Clinical Hematology. Since the 1st edition was published in 1988, each edition has included exciting changes in clinical hematology and posed challenges to learn more and teach more in a fi xed time frame. The 5th edition retains the pedagogy that set the standard for clinical laboratory science textbooks since it was introduced in the 1st edition. Clinical Hematology now features integrated four-color images, tables, and boxes throughout the book for ease of learning. New online ancillaries include PowerPoint presentations, a quiz bank for students, and more than 800 unique test questions for instructors (see Additional Resources, below, for more information).

Hematological Disorders in Children

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Hematological Disorders in Children
In recent years, the pathogenesis of hematological disorders in children has been
clariied, which has led to remarkable progress in the treatment outcome for these
disorders. In particular, molecular targeted therapy has been shown to have an effect
on childhood leukemia refractory to conventional therapy. Further development of these strategies will enable us to use more effective and less toxic therapies for hematological disorders in the future. Here we describe the pathogenesis and treatment
(present and future) of several representative hematological disorders in children,
especially focusing on the genetic and molecular aspects.

Manual de Hemodinámia y Aplicaciones Clínicas en Cardiología

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Manual de Hemodinámia y Aplicaciones Clínicas en Cardiología
Este manual es una recopilación de datos bibliográicos y de material recolectado en el área informática, más la recolección de datos personales que han sido recopilados en más de 20 años de ejercicio de hemodinamia.
Pretendo que este manual ayude a mejorar los conocimientos y se tenga una idea más clara del área de hemodinamia.
La hemodinamia en una de la sub-especialidades de mas constantes cambios en el área tecnológica.

Hematología: Fundamentos y aplicaciones clínicas – Bernadette F. Rodak

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Hematología. Fundamentos y aplicaciones clínicas Rodak
Excelente obra de referencia con todo el material imprescindible y con el enfoque pedagógico ideal, también para los docentes de la especialidad. Una guía y fuente de rápida consulta que comienza con la hemopoyesis normal y abarca enfermedades de origen eritroide, mieloide, linfoide y megacariocítico. Comprende también áreas de pruebas complementarias, como citometría de flujo, pruebas citogenéticas y diagnóstico molecular. Contiene un excelente capítulo sobre el recuento celular automatizado, que compara y diferencia el instrumental más importante. En cada capítulo, se presentan estudios de casos relevantes, preguntas de revisión y resúmenes de los temas tratados.

Manual AMIR: Hematología 6ta Edición

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Manual AMIR: Hematología
Asignatura de importancia media-alta en la oposición. Son frecuentes las preguntas en forma de caso clínico y las de verdadero/falso. Es una asignatura sencilla si se tienen los conceptos claros. Fíjate que hay grandes grupos de enfermedades que tienen características comunes y, en general, cada patología tiene unos rasgos típicos que son fáciles de identificar (sobre todo de cara a las preguntas de casos clínicos).

Manual del Hemograma y el Frotis de Sangre Periférica – Mónica Duarte Romero

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Manual del Hemograma y el Frotis de Sangre Periférica – Mónica Duarte Romero
El hemograma y el frotis de sangre periférica son los exámenes básicos de la evaluación biológica de todo paciente, en cualquier área clínica médica o quirúrgica. El análisis detallado y la adecuada interpretación de cada uno de los parámetros hematológicos, proporcionan información para el diagnóstico preciso y tratamiento adecuado de gran variedad de patologías. También son valores de utilidad en la evolución de las enfermedades y en el seguimiento de la respuesta al tratamiento.

Essential Guide to Blood Groups 3rd Edition

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Essential Guide to Blood Groups 3rd Edition
A short, up­to­date text on blood groups, for people working or training in the field of blood transfusion, transplantation, or human genetics, but who are not specialising in the field of blood groups, the third edition of Essential Guide to Blood Groups is a pocket­sized book, containing full colour text together with schematic figures and tables. The book comprises an introduction to blood groups, followed by chapters on techniques, information on various blood groups, antibodies, quality assurance in immunohaematology, and it concludes with chapters on troubleshooting in the laboratory, and FAQs. It also covers the serology, inheritance, biochemistry and molecular genetics of the most important blood group systems.

Williams Hematology 9th Edition

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Williams Hematology 9th Edition
The world’s most highly regarded reference text on the mechanisms and clinical management of blood diseases – completely updated to reflect the latest breakthroughs and advancements.
Edition after edition, Williams Hematology has guided generations of clinicians, biomedical researchers, and trainees in many disciplines through the origins, pathophysiological mechanisms, and management of benign and malignant disorders of blood cells and coagulation proteins. It is acknowledged worldwide as the leading hematology resource, with editors who are internationally regarded for their research and clinical achievements and authors who are luminaries in their fields.

Rodaks Hematology 5th Edition

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Rodaks Hematology 5th Edition
Featuring hundreds of full­color photomicrographs, Rodak’s Hematology: Clinical Principles and Applications, 5th Edition prepares you for a job in the clinical lab by exploring the essential aspects of hematology. It shows how to accurately identify cells, simplifies hemostasis and thrombosis concepts, and covers normal hematopoiesis through diseases of erythroid, myeloid, lymphoid, and megakaryocytic origins. This text also makes it easy to understand complementary testing areas such as flow cytometry, cytogenetics, and molecular diagnostics.

Postgraduate Haematology 5th Edition – A. Victor Hoffbrand, Daniel Catovsky, Edward G. D. Tuddenham

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Postgraduate Haematology
Completely revised to reflect the latest research in the field, this edition continues to provide trainees with up–to–date knowledge on the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features, and management of blood disorders. It covers the significant advances which have occurred in the application of cytogenetics and molecular genetics in the diagnosis, classification and understanding of haematological disorders.
“Most hematologists need a revised and practical textbook in which they can rapidly search on the morning of a consultation…This book will be an important resource in such situations.”
New England Journal of Medicine
A well established and respected review of hematology

Pathology of Bone Marrow and Blood Cells – Diane C. Farhi

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Pathology of Bone Marrow and Blood Cells
This book will assist pathologists, hematologists, and oncologists in interpreting peripheral blood and bone marrow specimens quickly, easily, and accurately. Featuring more than 400 full­color illustrations, the book is a very complete survey of bone marrow diseases, including rare entities, and provides up­to­date information on constitutional and acquired disorders in both adults and children. This edition includes the latest information on hematologic and associated diseases, including many new disease descriptions, recent genetic and immunologic findings, and the current World Health Organization classification of hematolymphoid disorders.

Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology 11th Edition – Barbara J. Bain, Imelda Bates, Mike A Laffan, S. Mitchell Lewis

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Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology 11th 2011
Recognized worldwide as the standard reference work, Dacie & Lewis Practical Haematology is a must have reference for any haematology laboratory. It covers all of the techniques used in the investigation of patients with blood disorders, including the latest technologies as well as the tried and true manual methods of measurement. It discusses the principles of each test, possible causes of error, the rationale for choosing one method over another and the interpretation, significance and clinical relevance of these findings. Each chapter conforms to a template, providing quick access to key information

A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Cells, 2nd Ed – Barbara J. Bain

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A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Cells, 2nd Ed
This popular pocket book has been updated and expanded throughout, providing a concise view of diagnostic haematology, in a convenient and practical format.
A Beginner’s Guide to Blood Cells is an introduction to normal and abnormal blood cells and blood counts for trainees, whether they be trainee laboratory scientists, medical students, trainee haematologists or trainee physicians. It may be seen as complementary to Blood Cells: a Practical Guide (3rd Edn., Blackwell Science, Oxford, 2003), from which the illustrations are drawn. Unlike Blood Cells, A Beginner’s Guide does not seek to be comprehensive. It introduces the important basic concepts, sets haematological findings in a clinical context and,

Blood Cells A Practical Guide – Barbara J. Bain

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Blood Cells A Practical Guide
Blood Cells has been written with both the practising haematologist and the trainee in mind. It aims to provide a guide for use in the diagnostic haematology laboratory, covering methods of collection of blood specimens, blood film preparation and staining, the principles of manual and automated blood counts and the assessment of the morphological features of blood cells. The practising haematologist should find this book sufficiently comprehensive to be a reference source while, at the same time, the trainee haematologist and biomedical
scientist should find it a straightforward and practical bench manual.

Diagnóstico de la hemofilia y otros trastornos de la coagulación – Steve Kitchen, Angus McCraw, Marión Echenagucia

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Diagnóstico de la hemofilia y otros trastornos de la coagulación
Este manual de la FMH es la guía definitiva para el diagnóstico preciso de la hemofilia y otros trastornos de la coagulación. Escrita y editada por expertos en pruebas de coagulación líderes en el mundo, esta edición integral y revisada incluye nuevas secciones sobre ensayos de coagulación en dos etapas y cromogénicos del FVIII, el ensayo de enlace al colágeno del factor von Willebrand y el análisis de multímeros, así como el uso de coagulómetros.
1 Equipamiento de laboratorio
2 Verificación calibración de pipetas y balanzas

Harrison’s Hematology and Oncology – Dan L. Longo

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Harrison’s Hematology and Oncology
1. Hematopoietic Stem Cells
2. Anemia and Polycythemia
3. Bleeding and Thrombosis
4. Enlargement of Lymph Nodes and Spleen
5. Disorders of Granulocytes and Monocytes
6. Atlas of Hematology and Analysis of Peripheral Blood Smears
7. Iron Deficiency and Other Hypoproliferative Anemias
8. Disorders of Hemoglobin

Hematología – Fisiopatología y Diagnóstico – Iván Palomo G., Jaime Pereira G., Julia Palma B.

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Hematología – Fisiopatología y Diagnóstico
El libro HEMATOLOGÍA: FISIOPATOLOGÍA Y DIAGNÓSTICO, editado por la Editorial de la Universidad de Talca (2005) incluía un capítulo Nº33 con casos clínicos. Lamentablemente, debido a que el libro alcanzó casi 800 páginas no fue posible incluirlo. Dada la utilidad que puede prestar en docencia de pregrado, los casos clínicos han sido puestos a disposición de los lectores del libro en el siguiente sitio web: ftp://colbun.utalca.cl/CasosClinicosHematologia/ CCHematologia.pdf Los casos clínicos que se incluyen tienen el propósito de ilustrar, a nivel de pregrado, algunas enfermedades hematológicas descritas en algunos capítulos de las secciones II, III y IV del citado libro.

Wintrobe’s Atlas of Clinical Hematology – Douglas C. Tkachuk, Jan V. Hirschmann

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Wintrobe’s Atlas of Clinical Hematology
The comprehensive pictorial collection covers all hematologic diseases and includes relevant clinical and radiological images, photomicrographs (surgical and autopsy specimens), and advanced diagnostic laboratory images including molecular assays, FISH, and cytogenetics. The color pictures are combined with diagrams and tables that help readers use “algorithmic” approaches to diagnosis. Two complementary formats allow readers to approach hematologic diseases from either Wintrobe’s disease categorization perspective, or by an image-directed approach based on morphological pattern recognition in diseased tissues.