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Freshwater Microbiology – David C Sigee

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Freshwater Microbiology
1 Microbial diversity and freshwater ecosystems
2 Freshwater environments: the influence of physico­chemical conditions on microbial communities
3 Algae: the major microbial biomass in freshwater systems
4 Competition for light
5 Inorganic nutrients: uptake and cycling in freshwater systems
6 Bacteria: the main heterotrophic microorganisms in freshwater systems
7 Viruses: major parasites in the freshwater environment
8 Fungi and fungal­like organisms: aquatic biota with a mycelial growth form

9 Grazing activities in the freshwater environment: the role of protozoa and invertebrates
10 Eutrophication: the microbial response to high nutrient levels
Autor: David C Sigee
Editorial: Wiley­Blackwell
Año: 2005
ISBN­10: 0471485292
ISBN­13: 978­0471485292
Tamaño: 6.63 MB
Formato: PDF
Idioma: Inglés

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