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Fundamentals of Pain Medicine, Hoppenfeld

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Fundamentals of Pain Medicine, Hoppenfeld
PART I: Symptoms and Conditions
1 Musculoskeletal Pain
2 Neuropathic Pain
3 Cancer Pain
4 Abdominal Pain
5 Pelvic Pain
6 Podiatric (Foot and Ankle) Pain
7 Miscellaneous Pain Disorders that Affect Multiple Areas of the Body
8 Postoperative Pain

PART II: Noninterventional Treatments
9 Nonsteroidal Anti­inflammatory Drugs
10 Acetaminophen (Tylenol)
11 Topical Pain Medications
12 Muscle Relaxants
13 Antidepressant Medications Used for Neuropathic Pain
14 Antiseizure Medications Used for Neuropathic Pain
15 Opioids
16 Patient­controlled Analgesia
17 Epidural Catheter Analgesia
18 Radiation Therapy
PART III:Interventional Treatments
19 Epidural Steroid Injections
20 Facet Joint Procedures: Facet Joint Injections, Medial Branch Blocks, and Radiofrequency Ablation of the Medial
Branches of the Spinal Nerve Roots
21 Sacroiliac Joint Injections
22 Trigger Point Injections for Myofascial Pain
23 Joint and Associated Bursa Injections: Shoulders, Elbows, Hips, and Knees
24 Sympathetic Blocks: Stellate, Celiac, Lumbar, Superior Hypogastric, and Ganglion Impar
25 Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty
26 Injections for Headache (Occipital Nerve Blocks and Botulinum Toxin Injections)
27 Common Nerve Blocks
28 Discogenic Pain: Lumbar Discography
29 Spinal Cord Stimulation
30 Programmable Intrathecal Pain Pump
31 Percutaneous Lumbar Disc Decompression
PART IV: Multimodal Approach to Pain
32 Physical Therapy
33 Complementary Treatments
34 Chiropractic Treatment Manipulation and Mobilization
35 Avoiding Opioid Abuse Curtailing Abuse and Diversion
Autor: J. D. Hoppenfeld
Editorial: L.W.W.
Edición: 1ª
Año: 2014
Páginas: 603
ISBN 978­1­4511­4449­9


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