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Rockwood and Wilkins Fractures in Children 7th Edition – James H. Beaty, James R. Kasser

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Rockwood and Wilkins Fractures in Children, 7th Edition
The thoroughly revised, updated Seventh Edition of “Rockwood and Wilkins’ Fractures in Children” offers a complete print and multimedia package: the established “gold­standard” reference on pediatric fractures and access to an integrated content website. The world’s foremost authorities provide comprehensive coverage of all bone and joint injuries seen in children. The contributors present the historical background, diagnosis, and pathological anatomy of each injury. They thoroughly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the various alternative methods for treating each injury.

Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation 7th Edition

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Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation
This edition of the textbook includes 11 lessons. Two new lessons are dedicated to preparing for resuscitation (Lesson 2) and postresuscitation care (Lesson 8). Similar to the 6th edition, the textbook emphasizes the importance of adequate preparation, effective ventilation, and teamwork. The details of how to implement ventilation corrective steps have been expanded and supplemented with additional illustrations. Nearly all drawings have been replaced with full-color photographs to enhance clarity. The order of lessons has been revised to reflect the increased emphasis on intubation before initiating chest compressions.

Clinical Neuroanatomy 7th edition – Richard S. Snell

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Clinical Neuroanatomy 7th edition – Richard S. Snell
his book contains the basic neuroanatomical facts necessary for the practice of medicine. It is suitable for medical students, dental students, nurses, and allied health students. Residents fnd this book useful during their rotations.
The functional organization of the nervous system has been emphasized and indicates how injury and disease can result in neurologic deficits. The amount of factual information has been strictly limited to that which is clinically important.