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Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology 23th Edition – Kim E. Barrett, Susan M. Barman, Scott Boitano, Heddwen Brooks

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Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology
“This 23rd edition is an excellent source of the current knowledge in physiology. Significant pedagogical advances have been made while preserving the integrity of Dr. Ganong’s work….They have done an excellent job of updating this classic, and the tradition continues. So many students in the future will be able to use this book to enhance their knowledge.”—Doody’s Review Service

For more than four decades, Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology has been the leader in helping medical students and clinicians understand the fascinating subject of human and mammalian physiology. Concisely covering every important topic without sacrificing depth or readability, Ganong’s delivers more detailed,

Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology 10th Edition

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Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology, 10th Edition
Fundamentals of Anatomy & Physiology helps students succeed in the challenging A&P course with an easy-to-understand narrative, precise visuals, and steadfast accuracy. Every chapter of the Tenth Edition includes one- and two-page Spotlight Figures that seamlessly integrate text and visuals to guide students through complex topics and processes. These highly visual presentations incorporate, for select topics, the “visual approach” that the same author team created in their Visual Anatomy & Physiology book. New Clinical Cases open every chapter and get students thinking about the chapter content in the context of a personal compelling patient story.

Atlas of Clinical and Surgical Orbital Anatomy

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Atlas of Clinical and Surgical Orbital Anatomy
Atlas of Clinical and Surgical Orbital Anatomy, by Dr. Jonathan Dutton, demonstrates the complex area of orbital anatomy through unique illustrations and comprehensive coverage that goes from embryology to adult anatomy.
This completely updated and revised new edition features a new chapter on the cavernous sinus, illustrations modified to reflect recent anatomic findings, and new sections covering clinical correlations.

Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy H. Feneis W. Dauber 4th Edition

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Pocket Atlas of Human Anatomy H. Feneis W. Dauber 4th Ed
Sutures, joints and ligaments Muscles Muscles, synovial bursae and sheaths
Digestive system
Digestive and respiratory system
Urogenital system
Endocrine glands
Lymphatic system
Spleen, meninges Meninges

Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body – Johannes W. Rohen, Elke Lutjen­Drecoll, Chichiro Yokochi

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Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body
This Color Atlas of Anatomy features full­color photographs of actual cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images. The photographs depict anatomic structures with a realism unmatched by illustrations in traditional atlases and show students specimens as they will appear in the dissection lab.
Chapters are organized by region in order of standard dissection, with structures presented both in a systemic manner, from deep to surface, and in a regional manner.

Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System – Lee Ann Remington

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Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System
Taking the place of the multiple texts traditionally needed to cover visual anatomy and physiology, Clinical Anatomy and Physiology of the Visual System, 3rd Edition dramatically lightens your load by providing one book that covers it all! This concise, well­referenced resource contains information on the clinical anatomy of the eye, its adnexa and visual pathways, histologic information, plus newly added content on physiology of the human ocular structures. Vivid illustrations complement the text and provide clinical information on diseases and disorders that represent departures from normal clinical anatomy.

Human Anatomy McKinley 3rd – Michael McKinley, Valerie O’Loughlin

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Human Anatomy McKinley 3rd
With its unrivaled art program and accessible writing style, McKinley/O’Loughlin’s Human Anatomy stands apart from other anatomy texts. High­quality photographs paired with brilliantly rendered illustrations help students visualize, understand, and appreciate the wonders of human anatomy.
Student­friendly Study Tips, Clinical View boxes, and progressive question sets motivate students to internalize and apply what they’ve learned.

Anatomy and Physiology Saladin – Kenneth Saladin

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Anatomy and Physiology Saladin 5th Edition
Memorable stories must be effective in multiple ways. The story must paint a strong visual picture. The story must weave in tools to make the reader remember important events and understand their impact. Ken Saladin weaves graceful descriptions of human anatomy and physiology processes together with carefully selected clinical applications and fascinating stories from the history of medicine and evolutionary medicine to create a multi­layered story about the human body.

Core Anatomy Illustrated – Ian Parkin, Bari M. Logan

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Core Anatomy Illustrated
‘Core Anatomy – Illustrated’ is a concise new atlas of human anatomy for medical and allied healthcare undergraduates, postgraduate trainees, and teaching staff. It presents the key anatomical knowledge necessary for clinical practice, at a level that is compatible with current core curricula, whether traditional or systems-based.

Presenting beautifully photographed prosections of extraordinary clarity, this succinct volume comprises 71 easy-to-read double-page spreads. The combination of concise text on the left with labelled illustration and key on the right, offers a quick, accurate reference guide to human anatomy.

Grays Anatomy for Students 2nd Edition – Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W. M. Mitchell

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Grays Anatomy for Students 2nd 2009
It didn’t take long for students around the world to realize that anatomy texts just don’t get any better than Gray’s Anatomy for Students. Only in its 2nd edition, this already popular, clinically focused reference has moved far ahead of the competition and is highly recommended by anyone who uses it. A team of authors with a wealth of diverse teaching and clinical experience has updated and revised this new edition to efficiently cover what you’re learning in contemporary anatomy classes. An improved format, updated clinical material, and remarkable artwork by renowned illustrators Richard Tibbitts and Paul Richardson make anatomy easier than ever for you to master. Unique coverage of surface anatomy,

Head and Neck Anatomy McMinn’s – Bari M. Logan, Ralph T. Hutchings, Patricia Reynolds

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Head and Neck Anatomy McMinn’s
McMinn’s Color Atlas of Head & Neck Anatomy is a large format atlas of the human head and neck, incorporating outstanding dissections, osteology, radiographic and surface anatomy images. The more complex dissections are accompanied by orientational artworks and the book incorporates notes and commentaries on every dissection. Reference lists and dental anaesthesia information are incorporated into Appendices at the back of the book. The third edition has been updated to incorporate latest anatomic terminology and includes a number of new dissections, explanatory artworks and an expanded Appendix on Dental Anaesthesia.

Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy 2nd – John T. Hansen

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Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy 2nd
Netter’s Clinical Anatomy, 2nd Edition, by John T. Hansen, PhD, is an anatomy resource that clearly provides a comprehensive understanding of complex clinical anatomical concepts. Nearly 600 beautifully colored illustrations offer essential depictions of normal and pathologic anatomy and embryology, accompanied by supportive text to help you understand their clinical relevance.

Principles of the Anatomy and Physiology 13th Ed. – Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan Derrickson

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Principles of the Anatomy and Physiology 13th Ed. Tortora, Derrickson
The thirteenth edition of the phenomenally successful Principles of Anatomy and Physiology continues to set the standard for the discipline. The authors maintained a superb balance between structure and function and continue to emphasize the correlations between normal physiology and pathophysiology, normal anatomy and pathology, and homeostasis and homeostatic imbalances. The acclaimed illustration program continues to be refined and is unsurpassed in the market. The thirteenth edition is fully integrated with a host of innovative electronic media, including WileyPlus 5.0 (access purchased separately.) No other text and package offers a teaching and learning environment as rich and complete.

Human Anatomy II – Michael McKinley, Valerie O’Loughlin

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Human Anatomy II
Chapter 1 A First Look at Anatomy
Chapter 2 The Cell: Basic Unit of Structure and Function
Chapter 3 Embryology
Chapter 4 Tissue Level of Organization
Chapter 5 Integumentary System
Chapter 6 Cartilage and Bone Connective Tissue
Chapter 7 Axial Skeleton
Chapter 8 Appendicular Skeleton
Chapter 9 Articulations

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology – Donald C. Rizzo

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Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
Now in its third edition, this best selling full­color text is better than ever! We retained all the special features from the previous edition including Career Focus; As the Body Ages; Health Alert; Common Disease, Disorders, and Conditions; Concept Maps, and Body Systems Working Together to Maintain Homeostasis, and added four new features to enhance your learning, broaden your experience of the anatomy and physiology material and help you put it all together. Designed for a one­semester course, this book introduces learners in the allied health field with little or no prior biology knowledge to anatomy and physiology. Content is organized according to body systems, and focuses on the body working together to promote homeostasis. Chapters are self­contained so instructors can teach in any order preferred.

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I Head and Neck – Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif

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Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume I Head and Neck
Highlights of Volume 1 Head and Neck
All new CT and MRI images of the highest quality presented alongside brilliant full­color drawings.
More than 400 illustrations.
Even more slices per examination and more comprehensive coverage.
Didactic approach and consistent format and throughout—one slice per page.
Concise, easy­to­read labeling on all fi gures—a perfect balance of text and image
Color­coded, schematic diagrams to indicate the level of the each section

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume II Thorax, Heart, Abdomen, and Pelvis – Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif

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Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume II Thorax, Heart, Abdomen, and Pelvis
Renowned for its superb illustrations and highly practical information, the third edition of this classic reference reflects the very latest in state­of­the­art imaging technology. Together with Volumes 1 and 3, this compact and portable book provides a highly specialized navigational tool for clinicians seeking to master the ability to recognize anatomical structures and accurately interpret CT and MR images.

Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume III Spine, Extremities, Joints – Torsten B. Moeller, Emil Reif

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Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy, Volume III Spine, Extremities, Joints
Known to radiologists around the world for its superior illustrations and practical features, the “Pocket Atlas of Sectional Anatomy” now reflects the very latest in state­of­the­art imaging technology. In the classroom and the clinic, this compact book is a highly specialized navigational tool for radiologists on the road to diagnostic success.
Highlights of Volume III: Spine, Extremities, Joints
­All new superior CT and MRI images created using state­of­the­art equipment.