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Handbook of Pathophysiology – Ramona Browder Lazenby

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Handbook of Pathophysiology 4th 2011
This pathophysiology handbook is ideally suited for easy reference in the classroom or clinical environment. The book presents a summary of physiology concepts for each body system, followed by an overview of important pathophysiology concepts related to ‘alterations’ in that body system. These pathophysiology concepts provide the necessary foundation for understanding the disease or injury states that are presented next in the chapter.
Fundamental Mechanisms of Health and Disease

Fetal and Neonatal Physiology – Richard A. Polin, William W. Fox, Steven H. Abman

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Fetal and Neonatal Physiology
Fetal and Neonatal Physiology, edited by Drs. Polin, Fox, and Abman, focuses on physiologic developments of the fetus and newborn and their impact on the clinical practice of neonatology. A must for practice, this 4th edition brings you the latest information on genetic therapy, intrauterine infections, brain protection and neuroimaging, and much more.
I. Genetics: Genetics
II. Embryology: Embryology ? Regulation of Embryogenesis ? Pathophysiology of Congenital Malformations

Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body – Johannes W. Rohen, Elke Lutjen­Drecoll, Chichiro Yokochi

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Color Atlas of Anatomy A Photographic Study of the Human Body
This Color Atlas of Anatomy features full­color photographs of actual cadaver dissections, with accompanying schematic drawings and diagnostic images. The photographs depict anatomic structures with a realism unmatched by illustrations in traditional atlases and show students specimens as they will appear in the dissection lab.
Chapters are organized by region in order of standard dissection, with structures presented both in a systemic manner, from deep to surface, and in a regional manner.

Stroke Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Management – J. P. Mohr, Philip A. Wolf, James C. Grotta, Michael A. Moskowitz, Marc R. Mayberg, Rüdiger von Kummer

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Stroke Pathophysiology Diagnosis and Management
First published in 1986 under the editorial direction of Dr. Henry J.M. Barnett, Stroke: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management continues to provide the dependable, current answers you need to effectively combat the increasing incidence of this disease. Dr. J.P. Mohr, together with new associate editors Philip A. Wolf, James C. Grotta, Michael A. Moskowitz, Marc Mayberg, and Rüdiger von Kummer as well as a multitude of expert contributors from around the world, offer you updated and expanded coverage of mechanisms of action of commonly used drugs, neuronal angiogenesis and stem cells, basic mechanisms of spasm and hemorrhage, prevention of stroke,

Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology 11th Edition – Barbara J. Bain, Imelda Bates, Mike A Laffan, S. Mitchell Lewis

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Dacie and Lewis Practical Haematology 11th 2011
Recognized worldwide as the standard reference work, Dacie & Lewis Practical Haematology is a must have reference for any haematology laboratory. It covers all of the techniques used in the investigation of patients with blood disorders, including the latest technologies as well as the tried and true manual methods of measurement. It discusses the principles of each test, possible causes of error, the rationale for choosing one method over another and the interpretation, significance and clinical relevance of these findings. Each chapter conforms to a template, providing quick access to key information

Graffs Textbook of Urinalysis and Body Fluids – Lillian Mundt, Kristy Shanahan

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Graffs Textbook of Urinalysis and Body Fluids
Newly updated, Graff’s Textbook of Urinalysis and Body Fluids is the best urinalysis reference for laboratory students and professionals.
In its Second Edition, this practical book retains its full­color images and top­notch coverage of urinalysis principles while significantly updating the content, broadening the scope to include new material on body fluids, providing more information on safety and quality assurance, and adding textbook features such as objectives, case studies, and study questions.
1. Urinalysis Clinical Laboratory Operations

Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine – Meir H. Kryger, Thomas Roth, William C. Dement

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Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine
Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, 5th Edition, by Meir H. Kryger, MD, FRCPC, Thomas Roth, PhD, and William C. Dement, MD, PhD, delivers the comprehensive, dependable guidance you need to effectively diagnose and manage even the most challenging sleep disorders. Updates to genetics and circadian rhythms, occupational health, sleep in older people, memory and sleep, physical examination of the patient, comorbid insomnias, and much more keep you current on the newest areas of the field. A greater emphasis on evidencebased approaches helps you make the most well­informed clinical decisions. And, a new more user­friendly, full color format – both in print and online, lets you find the answers you need more quickly and easily.

Histology A Text and Atlas 6th Ed. – Michael H. Ross, Wokciech Pawlina

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Histology A Text and Atlas – With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology
Now in its revised, updated Sixth Edition, Histology: A Text and Atlas is ideal for medical, health professions, and undergraduate biology students. This best­selling combination text and atlas includes a detailed textbook description that emphasizes clinical and functional correlates of histology, fully supplemented by vividly informative illustrations and photographs. Separate, superbly illustrated atlas sections follow almost every chapter and feature large­size, full­color digital micrographs, with labels and legends that highlight details of

Protocolos de Endocrinología de la AEP

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Protocolos de Endocrinología de la Asociación Española de Pediatría
Es una subespecialidad de la pediatría que estudia todo lo relacionado con las glándulas del cuerpo y las hormonas. Los principales temas son los trastornos de crecimiento: talla alta y talla baja; trastornos de pubertad: pubertad precoz y pubertad tardía y sus variantes; diabetes mellitus tipo 1 y 2; trastornos de la tiroides: bocio, hipo o hipertiroidismo; nódulos, cáncer, trastornos de la glándula hipófisis, trastornos de la menstruación, evaluación de enfermedades genéticas con compromiso endocrino; obesidad y dislipidemia: evaluación de síndrome metabólico y problemas endocrinos post tratamiento de cáncer, entre otros.

Manual toma de muestras para exámenes de laboratorio – María Eugenia Pinto

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Manual toma de muestras para exámenes de laboratorio
El Laboratorio asistencial a nivel de Hospital ha evolucionado en el tiempo a un Laboratorio altamente confiable y oportuno en sus respuestas. Su objetivo es apoyar eficazmente al equipo clínico permitiendo una atención ágil y de calidad concordante con el compromiso con clínicos y pacientes. Un Laboratorio Clínico puede tener la mejor tecnología y el equipo humano mejor entrenado, pero no podrá lograr un buen diagnóstico si no se cumplen los requisitos en la etapa preanalítica del proceso. Esto es la correcta selección de la muestra a estudiar, la mejor implementación de las condiciones de la toma de la muestra y el adecuado y oportuno transporte al Laboratorio.

Dermatosis frecuentes en América y el Caribe – Silvia García Martínez

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Dermatosis frecuentes en América y el Caribe
La inmigración, el turismo y el aumento de los viajes a países exóticos son algunas de las causas de la reaparición, en los últimos años, de muchas afecciones cutáneas que se encontraban erradicadas en un país. Asimismo, el crecimiento en la oferta turística a destinos lejanos ha influido considerablemente en el incremento de enfermedades tropicales infecciosas.
En los últimos 10 años, muchos países han duplicado las cifras de los viajeros, por ejemplo, en España cada año más de 12 millones y medio de españoles viajan a Centroamérica, América del Sur, Asia y áreas del Pacífico (según datos de la Organización Mundial de Turismo).

Medical Physiology: A Systems Approach – Hershel Raff, Michael Levitzky

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Medical Physiology – A Systems Approach
Medical Physiology: A Systems Approach offers a succinct yet thorough overview of physiology along with an introduction to basic science principles and their relevance to the clinical expression of disease. The book reflects medical education’s increased emphasis on providing students with more clinically oriented content during their first two years of medical school and the importance of the essential concepts of pathophysiology. Focused and clearly written, Medical Physiology: A Systems Approach details the major physiological processes involved in both health and disease. Each chapter begins with a list of Objectives, includes Key Concepts, and ends with Study Questions designed to test your knowledge of major concepts covered in that chapter.

Braunwalds Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine – Robert O. Bonow, Douglas L. Mann, Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby

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Braunwalds Heart Disease – A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine
Hundreds of world authorities synthesize all of the developments that are revolutionizing practice – This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
Advances in cardiovascular science and practice continue at a breathtaking rate. As the knowledge base expands, it is important to adapt our learning systems to keep up with progress in our field. We are pleased to present the ninth edition of Braunwald’s Heart Disease: A Textbook of Cardiovascular Medicine as the hub of an ongoing, advanced learning system designed to provide practitioners, physicians­in­training,

Current Therapy Edition 2011 – Edward T. Bope, Rick D. Kellerman, Robert E. Rakel

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Current Therapy Ed. 2011
Ideal for busy medical practitioners who need quick, reliable answers, Conn’s Current Therapy 2015 is an easy-to-use, in-depth guide that focuses solely on the most up-to-date treatment protocols for common complaints, acute disease and chronic illness. Drs. Edward T. Bope and Rick D. Kellerman present the expertise and knowledge of hundreds of skilled international leaders on evidence-based clinical management options. With key diagnostic points and treatment recommendation tables, you’ll have quick access to the information you need to make accurate clinical decisions.
SECTION 1 – Symptomatic Care Pending Diagnosis

Pediatric Secrets 5th Edition – Richard A. Polin, Mark F. Ditmar

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Pediatric Secrets
It has been more than 20 years (and in the interim one Phillies and two Red Sox World Series championships) since the publication of the initial Pediatric Secrets. With this new edition, we strove to continue the principles of past editions by incorporating topics and questions about common (and less common) pediatric issues that are discussed every day in inpatient and outpatient settings. It is a constant dialogue involving pathophysiology, diagnosis, and therapy that leads to greater understanding. We have again tried to highlight major areas in pediatrics that remain controversial and less clearly defined.

Guía Farmacoterapéutica Neonatal – Sara Jimeno Ruiz, Mónica Riaza Gómez, Cristina Ortíz­Villajos Maroto, Antonio Cuñarro Alonso

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Guía Farmacoterapéutica Neonatal
Esta guía surge como objetivo de un proyecto para la implementación de las medidas de mejora de la Seguridad del paciente en Unidades Neonatales, proyecto que ha sido subvencionado por el Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social¹. Dado que la causa más frecuente de eventos adversos en los pacientes son los relacionados con la medicación, hemos visto la necesidad de unificar la prescripción y tener la información más relevante sobre cada fármaco en cuanto a indicación, dosis, preparación, monitorización, efectos secundarios e incompatibilidades. Los autores hemos querido elaborar una guía farmacoterapeútica específica neonatal, actualizada y en español, basándonos en las guías farmacoterapeúticas más utilizadas habitualmente. Otras pautas de tratamiento diferentes a las propuestas en esta guía pueden ser igualmente válidas.

Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines – Shirley Sahrmann

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Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines
Extensively illustrated and evidence based, Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines helps you effectively diagnose and manage musculoskeletal pain. It discusses diagnostic categories and their associated muscle and movement imbalances, and makes recommendations for treatment. Also covered is the examination itself, plus exercise principles, specific corrective exercises, and the modification of functional activities. Case studies provide examples of clinical reasoning, and a companion Evolve website includes video clips of tests and procedures. Written and edited by the leading experts on muscle and movement,

Emergency Medicine Secrets – Vincent J. Markovchick, Peter T. Pons, Katherine M. Bakes

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Emergency Medicine Secrets
This book is designed to be read by all students and practitioners of emergency medicine, both novice and experienced. As emergency medicine continues to evolve as a specialty, we have added several new chapters to our fifth edition and enhanced the format and referencing of questions. With difficulty, we have also selected the 100 Top Secrets from more than 220 submitted by authors. We hope this continues to be a valuable and enjoyable method of providing information and knowledge. Knowing some of the important questions about a particular presentation or problem is the first step to obtaining the answers needed at the patient’s bedside. However, medicine is nothing if not humbling, and knowledge alone does not treat all that ails.