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Alternative Medicine – Christine A. Larson

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Alternative Medicine – Christine A. Larson
Alternative medicine is a term that causes confusion for most people.
What is alternative medicine? How does it compare with conventional medicine? What is integrative medicine? Is integrative medicine the same as alternative medicine? How does alternative medicine compare with holistic health? What do all of these practices have in common, and what are their differences? Do they work? Are they safe?
The reason most consumers choose to explore alternative approaches to healing is a very simple one: what they’re currently doing isn’t working.

The intent of this book is to provide what I refer to as “The Savvy Consumer’s Guide to Healthcare.” It is the culmination of a journey that began several years ago, when I experienced health problems. The restoration of my health and what I learned in the process underlies much of the material in this book. It also served as the basis for my doctoral work in evidence-based medicine at the University of Kentucky.
There is a mystique surrounding medicine in which the doctor is seen as God. As much as I respect science and the men and women who have gone through the academic process to become clinicians and researchers, they are not gods. This book strips away the mystique to examine the science underlying medicine.

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Series Foreword
Introduction: What Is Alternative Medicine?

Section One: Overview
1. The Origins of Alternative Medicine
2. The Theories Underlying Alternative Medicine
3. The Business of Alternative Medicine
4. Why Consumers Seek Alternative Treatments

Section Two: Controversies
5. Do Alternative Therapies Work?
6. Should Alternative Medicine Be Regulated by the Government?
7. Should Managed Care Provide Coverage for Alternative Therapies?
8. Pharmaceuticals versus Alternative Therapies
9. Culture and Health: Who Bears Responsibility for Health and Healthcare?
10. The Future of Health and Healthcare

Section Three: References and Resources
A. Annotated Primary Source Documents
B. Alternative Medicine Timelines
C. Glossary
D. Bibliography

Title: Alternative Medicine
Author: Christine A. Larson
Health and Medical Issues Today


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