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Asperger Syndrome: Natural Steps toward a Better Life

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Asperger Syndrome: Natural Steps toward a Better Life
When I started writing this book, I set out to offer a more natural, science-based medical treatment option to the Asperger community. Along the way, things changed. Hearing story after story of Asperger children and adults struggling to fit into what the general population has defined as normal, I began to see that this issue, like all issues, has two sides. Gradually, I recognized Asperger Syndrome as a different way of thinking based on variations in the brain, similar in many aspects to speaking a foreign language.

To successfully navigate through his life, the challenge for the person with Asperger Syndrome is twofold. First, he should learn the “language” that the majority of people speak where he lives, while not forgetting his own. This means learning the basic acceptable forms of behavior within his community, whether that community is the classroom, the workplace, or a restaurant. In short, as Liane Holliday Willey so succinctly entitled her book, it means “Pretending to be Normal” in some circumstances. And second, along with all the non-Asperger folks, he/she should work to establish balance in his/her own life. For the person with Asperger Syndrome this includes learning to not overreact, to be less anxious, and to be content with who and what he/she is. Though this is easier said than done, it is what this book is all about.

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Chapter 1: Asperger Syndrome: What It Is and What It Isn’t
Chapter 2: What Asperger Syndrome Looks Like in Children and Teenagers
Chapter 3: What Asperger Syndrome Looks Like in an Adult
Chapter 4: Face Blindness and Place Blindness—Who Are You and Where Am I Going?
Chapter 5: Conventional Asperger Treatment: Then and Now
Chapter 6: Physical Symptoms Associated with Asperger Syndrome
Chapter 7: What You Eat Affects How You Act
Chapter 8: How the Environment Affects Asperger Syndrome
Chapter 9: Deer in the Headlights—Dealing with Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep
Chapter 10: Homeopathy: A Giant Leap Forward
Chapter 11: What You Can Do Right Now
Appendix A: Resources Helpful in Addressing Asperger Syndrome
Appendix B: Common Mercury Derivatives
Appendix C: Tasty Pesto Recipes Which Will Also Help with Chemical Detoxification
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Title: Asperger Syndrome: Natural Steps toward a Better Life
Author: Suzanne C. Lawton
Language: English


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