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Atlas of Emergency Medicine 4th Edition

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Atlas of Emergency Medicine 4th Edition
The most complete and trusted visual compendium of emergency medicine Extensively updated with more than 1500 full-color illustrations

Now in its fourth edition, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine remains the best guide to visual diagnosis of all acute medical problems encountered in emergency practice. Packed with more than 1500 images, this is the most comprehensive source of high quality emergency medicine images available, enhanced with clear clinical information on medical emergencies.

Organized by organ-system/special populations/general issues and then by problem, The Atlas of Emergency Medicine is an act fast reference for the busy emergency physician designed to help assess and diagnose patients as quickly as possible. It covers basic and subtle diagnosis of a broad spectrum of typical and atypical conditions.

The books format is ideally suited to visual learning. One to four images per topic show the physician exactly what to look for. Accompanying the images is succinct “need-to-know” information for each clinical problem, including treatment options.

  • Market: Emergency physicians (37,000 U.S.), emergency departments (5,000 U.S.)
  • 1500 full-color clinical photographs (500 new to this edition)
  • All treatment and diagnostic testing information and guidelines fully updated
  • Table of Contents:

    1. Head & Facial Trauma
    2. Ophthalmologic Conditions
    3. Funduscopic Findings
    4. Ophthalmic Trauma
    5. Ear, Nose, & Throat Conditions
    6. Mouth
    7. Chest & Abdomen
    8. Urologic Conditions
    9. Sexually Transmitted Infections & Anorectal Conditions
    10. Gynecologic and Obstetric Conditions
    11. Extremity Trauma
    12. Extremity Conditions
    13. Cutaneous Conditions

    14. Pediatric Conditions
    15. Child Abuse
    16. Environmental Conditions
    17. Toxicological Conditions
    18. Wounds & Soft Tissue Injuries
    19. Forensic Medicine
    20. HIV Conditions
    21. Tropical Medicine
    23. ECG Abnormalities
    24. Emergency Ultrasound
    25. Microscopic Findings

    Title: Atlas of Emergency Medicine
    Authors: Kevin Knoop, Lawrence Stack, Alan Storrow , R. Jason Thurman
    Edition: 4th Edition


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