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Empirical Nursing The Art of Evidence-Based Care

Descripción Empirical Nursing The Art of Evidence-Based Care This book seeks to provide students and practicing nurses with the tools to better understand and engage in scientific arguments to support quality nursing and evidence-based practice. The nature of nursing and its relationship with science remains an area of ongoing debate, controversy and considerable confusion to both students and practitioners. For a science-based health discipline, it is something of a paradox that most nursing students have limited exposure to scientific philosophy education, which is not covered in depth in many modern university nursing programmes. This work seeks to remedy this: in

Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy An Introduction to the Profession

Descripción Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy An Introduction to the Profession Fundamentals of Occupational Therapy: An Introduction to the Profession is a comprehensive, introductory text that provides first year students with foundational knowledge of occupational therapy as a profession and the construct of occupation. Due to the broadness of the profession this text identifies basic concepts and areas to novice students and helps inform them of the topics and components they will come across later in their studies. Inside the text, Dr. Bernadette Hattjar provides a general introduction, the historical development of the profession, and a basic review of the three

Clinical Anatomy Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors 14th Edition

Descripción Clinical Anatomy Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors As a teacher of medical students and surgical trainees, I know that much of clinical examination and diagnosis depends on an adequate knowledge of anatomy. No matter how good the doctors are at communication skills and patient empathy, unless they know what lies beneath their examining fingers or under the bell of their stethoscopes, they will have great difficulty in the interpretation of clinical signs. Understanding and interpreting the exquisite details of modern radiological imaging also requires a good knowledge of the structure of the human body. This was true

Preventive Cardiology Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease

Descripción Preventive Cardiology Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease Endorsed by the American Society for Preventive Cardiology! Preventive Cardiology – a new Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease – addresses the prevention and risk stratification of cardiovascular disease so that you can delay the onset of disease and moderate the effects and complications. Drs. Roger Blumenthal, JoAnne Foody, and Nathan Wong discuss the full range of relevant considerations, including the epidemiology of heart disease, risk assessment, risk factors, multiple risk factor-based prevention strategies, and developments in genetics and personalized medicine. With access to the fully searchable text online at, this authoritative

Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care

Descripción Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care Handbook of Cancer Survivorship Care serves as a practical and concise guide for the multidisciplinary management of cancer survivors. Nearly all of the chapters are authored by a team consisting of a seasoned oncologist and an experienced practitioner who provides direct services in survivorship care. Chapters reflect the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and cover the high-yield pearls and clinical applications that lead to quality patient care outcomes. Part I discusses the basic concepts of survivorship care, models of care, and clinical tools while addressing late and long-term effects of treatment, screening methods for secondary

Introduction to Health Policy 2nd Edition

Descripción Introduction to Health Policy Healthcare needs in the United States are challenging and continuously evolving. As a result, healthcare is a constant priority for leaders at the federal, state, and local levels. Healthcare leaders who have a strong understanding of the basics of health policy are optimally positioned to improve health and healthcare in both their organizations and their communities. Introduction to Health Policy uniquely integrates an introductory overview of health policymaking with an examination of critical policy-related issues, research and evaluation methods, and international perspectives. Author Leiyu Shi, a prominent expert in the field, provides a basic introduction

Netter’s Surgical Anatomy and Approaches – Conor P. Delaney

Descripción Netter’s Surgical Anatomy and Approaches The Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter, MD, has been the pinnacle of demonstrating the anatomy of the human body for generations of students. To those who would wish to perform or understand surgical procedures, however, there has been no direct link between the beautiful images created by Dr. Netter and the surgical procedures being performed. In Netter’s Surgical Anatomy and Approaches, we try to address a request by many Netter users to tie these anatomical diagrams to the procedures they perform. This book presents the curriculum of basic and common general

Water and Wasterwater Microbiology – Duncan Mara, Nigel J. Horan

Descripción Water and Wasterwater Microbiology Edited by two world­renowned scientists in the field, The Handbook of Water and Wastewater Microbiology provides a definitive and comprehensive coverage of water and wastewater microbiology. With contributions from experts from around the world, this book gives a global perspective on the important issues faced in the provision of safe drinking water, the problems of dealing with aquatic pollution and the processes involved in wastewater management. Starting with an introductory chapter of basic microbiological principles, The Handbook of Water and Wastewater Microbiology develops these principles further, ensuring that this is the essential text for process

Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery 11th edition

Descripción Bonney’s Gynaecological Surgery Surgical training in gynaecology has seen dramatic changes in both the UK and the USA over the last 20 years. When the current editors were in training, there were no restrictions to the number of hours that they could be asked to work. It was common to be resident on call every third night in addition to daytime work, which often resulted in a working week in excess of 110 hours.

Handbook of Burns Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Volume 2

Libros de Medicina en PDF Handbook of Burns Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Volume 2 Over the past decades, extraordinary advances have been made in the understanding of cellular and molecular processes involved in acute wound healing. his knowledge has led to wound care innovations and new developments concerning burn care; burn care has improved to the extent that persons with burns can frequently survive.

Resistant Hypertension

Libros de Medicina en PDF Resistant Hypertension Several reasons make resistant hypertension an issue of major current interest. To mention just a few, this condition (which is defined as absence of blood pressure control despite multidrug treatment at adequate individual drug doses) is by no means rare. Although varying with the clinical setting in which resistant hypertension is studied, the consensus is that this condition may affect about 10% of the overall hypertensive population, which amounts to more than 6 million patients in the USA and more than 10 millions in Europe.

Practical Pediatric Cardiology

Libros de Medicina en PDF Practical Pediatric Cardiology In an era when most essential information about the morphology, diagnosis, management and prognosis of heart disease in children and adolescents is so easily available on the Internet, is there any longer a place for textbooks? So rapid has been the progress in almost all aspects of medicine that most books are out of date by the time they are published.

Pulmonary Phisiology 8th edition

Libros de Medicina en PDF Pulmonary Phisiology 8th edition The eighth edition of Pulmonary Physiology has been thoroughly updated. Several new figures have been added and others revised to help students visualize concepts more clearly and learn the material more effectively. New references and clinical correlations have been added to the end of each chapter. It has been more than 30 years since Pulmonary Physiology was first published.

NMS Psychiatry 6th Edition

Libros de Medicina en PDF NMS Psychiatry We are already a decade into the twenty-first century and the scientific basis of psychiatry continues to expand. New medications have been developed for the treatment of individuals with schizophrenia, mood disorders, and severe anxiety disorders. Focused psychotherapeutic techniques have been proven as effective treatments.

Therapeutic Exercise 6th Edition

Libros de Medicina en PDF Therapeutic Exercise 6th Edition Almost everyone, regardless of age, values the ability to function as independently as possible during activities of everyday life. Health-care consumers (patients and clients) typically seek out or are referred for physical therapy services because of physical impairments associated with movement disorders caused by injury, disease, or health-related conditions that restrict their ability to participate in any number of activities that are necessary or important to them.

CURRENT Reconstructive Surgery

Libros de Medicina en PDF CURRENT Reconstructive Surgery Authored by top experts in the field, Current Reconstructive Surgery is a comprehensive resource that prepares you for the most challenging cases, while giving you a solid grasp of the fundamentals. The content of the book—logically organized by anatomic region—is supported by more than 1,300 state-of-the-art illustrations and photographs, nearly all of which are in full color.

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