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Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide

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Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide
The best of function and structure to provide accurate localisation, characterisation and diagnosis. There are extensive literature and evidence to support, which have made significant impact in oncological imaging and management of patients with cancer. The evidence in favour of especially in orthopaedic indications is evolving and increasing. The Clinicians’ Guide to Radionuclide pocketbook series is specifically aimed at our referring clinicians, nuclear medicine/radiology doctors, radiographers/technologists and nurses who are routinely working in nuclear medicine and participate in multidisciplinary meetings. This series is the joint work of many friends and professionals from different nations who share a common dream and vision towards promoting and supporting nuclear medicine as a useful and important imaging speciality.
We want to thank all those people who have contributed to this work as advisors, authors and reviewers, without whom the book would not have been possible. We want to thank our members from the BNMS (British Nuclear Medicine Society, UK) for their encouragement and support, and we are extremely grateful to Dr Brian Nielly, Charlotte Weston, the BNMS Education Committee and the BNMS council members for their enthusiasm and trust.


Part I Radiotherapy Planning in Oncology Science and Practice:
1. Introduction
Lucy Fowkes and Kate Newbold

Part II PET/CT in Radiotherapy Planning – Technical and Practical Aspects:
2. Instrumentation Alex Dunlop
3. Patient Preparation Clare Ockwell and Shirley Summers
4. Data Acquisition, Reconstruction and Transfer David Towey and Laurence Hill
5. Sources of Artefacts: Consequences and Solutions Alison Tree and Maria Hawkins
6. Advantages and Limitations Shaista Hafeez and Robert Huddart
7. Respiratory Gated Acquisition Techniques Iain Murray

Part III PET/CT in Radiotherapy Planning – Current Evidence and Applications
8. Lung Cancer Angus O’Connor and Helen M. Betts
9. Head and Neck Cancers Liam Welsh and Kate Newbold
10. GI Malignancy Irene Chong and Diana Tait
11 Prostate Cancer Daniel R. Henderson and Nicholas van As
12 Gynaecological Cancers Susan Lalondrelle
13 Paediatric Tumours Lucy Fowkes and Sue Chua

Title: Clinicians’ Guides to Radionuclide
Author: Sue Chua
Language: English


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