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CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain

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CURRENT Diagnosis & Treatment of Pain
Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain presents the information necessary for the practicing physician to provide skilled pain treatment. This concise, yet authoritative, text also increases awareness of the role of other disciplines in pain control and indicates when referral to a specialist may be appropriate.
Consistent format that facilitates rapid access to clinically useful information Pain assessment principles Pharmacologic and interventional approaches to pain control Rehabilitation in pain management Chapters devoted to specific pain syndromes commonly seen in medicine, including arthritis, headache, back pain, neuropathy, painful
visceral syndromes, sickle cell pain Attention to regulatory concerns relevant to pain management
Practical guide to the management of pain in persons with addictive disease

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End-of-life issues
Evidence-based recommendations
Intended Audience
Primary care physicians, residents, and nursing trainees will find this text a useful, reliable, and up-to-date resource for the assessment and management of common pain syndromes. Fellows, house officers, and medical students will appreciate this quick, yet comprehensive introduction to the field of pain. Advanced practice nurses and physician’s assistants also will find the approach provided here to be practical and clinically relevant.
Autores: Jamie H. Von Roenn, Judith A. Paice, Michael E. Preodor
Editorial: McGraw-Hill
Edición: 1º
Año: 2006
Idioma: Inglés

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