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Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 3rd Edition – Ira D. Papel

Titulo del libro: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Autor del libro: Ira D. Papel, John L. Frodel, G. Richard Holt, Wayne F. Larrabee Jr., Nathan E. Nachlas, Stephen S. Park, Jonathan M. Sykes, Dean M. Toriumi

Edición de libro: 3rd Edition

Formato de libro: EBook

Date published: 2009

Illustrator: Thieme Medical Publishers

ISBN: 978-1-58890-648-9

Número de páginas: 1197


Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is a dynamic specialty, offering surgeons a constant stream of clinical challenges. At an ever-increasing rate, technology and surgical innovations have provided an expanding choice of treatment options, often of unknown efficacy. This new third edition of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery provides updated information on the wide variety of facial plastic surgery procedures and treatments. The contributing authors have updated most chapters, and created new ones, where needed, focused on both cosmetic and reconstructive problems. The book chapters continue to be constructed according to the successful formula of those in previous editions — they provide core information in the subject area, backed by appropriate basic science, clinical details, and references. Readers are then prepared to pursue more detailed research into clinical or surgical care.
New areas covered in this edition include anti-aging medicine, ambulatory surgery considerations, autologous fat augmentation, pediatric rhinoplasty, tissue engineering, and nonablative skin resurfacing techniques.
I would like to thank the contributing editors and authors for their continuous support of this project, whose first edition was published in 1992. As with past editions, all royalties generated by Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, third edition, will be donated to the Education and Research Foundation of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, so that education in facial plastic surgery can be supported in perpetuity.

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  • Foreword
  • Contributors
I: Principles of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • 1. Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin
  • 2. Wound Healing
  • 3. Soft Tissue Techniques.
  • 4. Skin Grafts and Local Flaps.
  • 5. Scar Revision
  • 6. Synthetic Implants
  • 7. Biological Tissue Implants
  • 8. Tissue Engineering
  • 9. Tissue Adhesives
  • 10. Lasers in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 11. Aesthetic Facial Proportions
  • 12. Computer Imaging for Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 13. Photography in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 14. Ethics in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 15. Ambulatory Surgery
II: Aesthetic Facial Surgery
  • 16. Aesthetic Facial Analysis
  • 17. Anesthesia in Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 18. Youthful Aging
  • 19. Rhytidectomy
  • 20. Endoscopic Approach to the Brow and Midface
  • 21. Surgical Approaches to the Midface Complex
  • 22. Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • 23. Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty
  • 24. Liposuction of the Face and Neck: The Art of Facial Sculpture
  • 25. Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels
  • 26. Ablative Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation
  • 27. Nonablative Facial Skin Rejuvenation
  • 28. Neuromodulators and Injectable Soft Tissue Substitutes
  • 29. Complementary Fat Grafting
  • 30. Botulinum Toxin for Facial Wrinkles
  • 31. Aesthetic Mandibular Implants
  • 32. Aesthetic Facial Implants
  • 33. Hair Replacement Techniques
  • 34. Otoplasty
  • 35. Cosmetic Surgery of the Asian Face
  • 36. Aesthetic Surgery of the Lip
  • 37. Advances in Aesthetic Dentistry
III: Functional and Aesthetic Surgery of the Nose
  • 38. Facial Analysis of the Rhinoplasty Patient
  • 39. Rhinology in Rhinoplasty
  • 40. Philosophy and Principles of Rhinoplasty
  • 41. Open Rhinoplasty
  • 42. Surgery of the Bony Nasal Vault
  • 43. Surgery of the Middle Vault
  • 44. Surgery of the Nasal Tip: Intranasal Approach
  • 45. Surgery of the Nasal Tip: Vertical Dome Division
  • 46. Secondary Rhinoplasty
  • 47. Rhinoplasty in Children
  • 48. Asian Rhinoplasty
  • 49. Complications in Rhinoplasty
  • 50. Reconstructive Surgery of the Nasal Septum
  • 51. Prevention, Management, and Repair of Nasal Septal Perforation
IV: Reconstructive Surgery of the Face and Neck
  • 52. Diagnosis and Treatment of Cutaneous Malignancies
  • 53. Minimally Invasive Options and Skin Grafts for Cutaneous Reconstruction
  • 54. Local and Regional Cutaneous Flaps
  • 55. Tissue Expansion in Reconstruction of the Head and Neck
  • 56. Musculocutaneous Flaps
  • 57. Microvascular Flaps
  • 58. Mandibular Reconstruction and Osseointegrated Implants
  • 59. Major Nasal Reconstruction
  • 60. Auricular Reconstruction
  • 61. Lip Reconstruction
  • 62. Periocular Reconstruction
  • 63. Management of the Paralyzed Face
  • 64. Craniofacial Approaches to the Anterior Skull Base
V: Trauma
  • 65. Acute Soft Tissue Injuries of the Face
  • 66. Basic Principles of Craniofacial Bone Healing and Repair
  • 67. Principles of Facial Plating Systems
  • 68. Applications of Bone Plating Systems to Facial Fractures
  • 69. Orbitozygomatic Fractures
  • 70. Frontal Sinus and Naso-Orbital-Ethmoid Complex Fractures
  • 71. Le Fort Fractures (Maxillary Fractures)
  • 72. Mandibular Fractures
VI: Congenital and Pediatric Facial Plastic Surgery
  • 73. Embryology of the Head, Face, and Neck
  • 74. Craniomaxillofacial Deformities
  • 75. Congenital Auricular Deformities
  • 76. Evaluation and Management of Cleft Lip and Palate Disorders
  • 77. Cleft Lip Rhinoplasty
  • 78. Orthognathic Surgery
  • 79. Classification and Management of Hemifacial Microsomia
  • 80. Velopharyngeal Inadequacy


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