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Handbook of Burns Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Volume 2

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Handbook of Burns Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Volume 2
Over the past decades, extraordinary advances have been made in the understanding of cellular and molecular processes involved in acute wound healing.
his knowledge has led to wound care innovations and new developments concerning burn care; burn care has improved to the extent that persons with burns can frequently survive.

he trend in current treatment extends beyond the preservation of life; the ultimate goal is the return of burn victims, as full participants, back into their families and communities.
he possibility of surviving burn injuries has changed dramatically over the past decades. One of the milestones was a more aggressive approach concerning surgery; early wound debridement and early wound coverage has led to a higher survival rate, but also to a higher number of patients, who will require reconstructive surgery and specialized after care.
I would like to express my deep appreciation to my co-editors, colleagues and friends for their distribution to this new book on burn reconstruction and rehabilitation. he authors have tried to achieve the highest degree in actuality and practical relevance within the ield of burn reconstruction and rehabilitation.
Moreover, this book demonstrates that successful burn treatment with good long time result is only Preface possible as a result of teamwork between diferent specialists and disciplines. his book ofers a quick orientation, but also profound overview about burn reconstruction and rehabilitation.


List of contributers

Burn injuries and their psychosocial and long time consequences
Acute stress disorder and post traumatic stress disorder in individuals sufering from burn injury
Long term consequences of burn injuries

Burn wound healing, documentation, scar management and rehabilitation
Skin architecture and function
Burn wound healing: Pathophysiology
Burn scar treatment
Scar assessment
The future of wound documentation: three-dimensional, evidence-based, intuitive and thorough
Evaluation of mimic function in patients with facial burns by use of the three-dimensional video-analysis
Rehabilitation and scar management

Burn reconstruction (Principles and techniques)
Principles of burn reconstruction
Tissue expanders in burn surgery.
Burn reconstruction: Skin substitutes and tissuee ngineering
Twelve year follow-up: a clinical study on dermal regeneration
Generation of adipose tissue based in tissue engineering: An overview

Burn reconstruction (Specific regions)
Burn reconstuction: Neck region
Burn reconstruction: Eye region
Reconstruction of the post burn ear
Reconstruction of the perioral region after facial burns
Nasal reconstruction
Reconstruction/Correction of burn alopecia
Burn reconstruction: Breast
Reconstruction of burn deformities of the lower extremity
Thermal injuries to the foot
Burn reconstruction: Hand and upper extremity

Burn reconstruction (Future perspectives)
Facial transplantation
Modern myoprostheses in electric burn injuries of the upper extremity
Subject index

Title: Handbook of Burns Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
Volume 2
Authors: Lars-Peter Kamolz, Marc G. Jeschke, Raymund E. Horch, Markus Küntscher, Pavel Brychta
Language: English

PASSWORD/CONTRASEÑA: www.rinconmedico.me

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