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International Perspectives on Psychotherapy

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International Perspectives on Psychotherapy
Witmer, who later became one of the cofounders of the American Psychological Association, thought that the goal of clinical psychology should be similar to that of medicine to improve the human condition. This notion signiicantly expanded the boundaries of the young discipline, which was primarily deined by experimental psychology to simply study the nature of psychological phenomena, Despite the early call for intervention and prevention of human suffering, training in clinical psychology primarily focused on psychological assessments during the irst half of the twentieth century. The emphasis shifted more toward intervention after World , when there was a greater need for clinicians.
However, psychoanalysis dominated the ield of psychotherapy during those early years. Furthermore, early editions of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual were irmly rooted in psychoanalytic concepts with little to no empirical support.


1. Psychopathology and Classification:
Sharon Eldar, Angelina F. Gómez, and Stefan G. Hofmann
2. Psychotherapy Approaches:
Barbara Depreeuw, Sharon Eldar, Kristina Conroy, and Stefan G. Hofmann
3. North America :
Elaine S. Lavin and Lata K. McGinn
4. Central Europe:
Ilse Kryspin-Exner, Oswald D. Kothgassner, and Anna Felnhofer
5. Eastern Europe :
Daniel David and Simona Stefan
6. Latin America :
Carmem Beatriz Neufeld and Anelisa Vaz de Carvalho
7. South Korea :
Sunyoung Kim and Hyun Kim China Jianping Wang, Zhiyun Wang, and Meng Yu Australia Caroline Hunt
8. Africa :
Maxine F. Spedding, Dan J. Stein, and Katherine R. Sorsdahl

Title: International Perspectives on Psychotherapy
Author: Stefan G. Hofmann
Language: English


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