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Neofax 2011

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Neofax 2011
NeoFax, the premier drug and nutritional reference manual to aid in the treatment of neonates, is a must­have for all neonatal medical professionals to correctly prescribe and administer critical drugs and parenteral nutrition solutions for infants. Covering more than 180 substances, NeoFax helps reduce medication errors and decreases time spent ordering and compounding. NeoFax has evolved into a standard reference in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs) around the world. NeoFax mobile is based on the 24th edition of the book.

Now the NeoFcix- information you trust ¡n the book is available Online, making ¡t the only resource of ¡ts kind for prescribing, calculating, formulating, and adminístering essential drug and parenteral nutrition Solutions for neonates.

For more patient-specific information, NeoFax Premier is a must-have. The trusted content can be customized according to the patient’s weight and age — to ensure fast and accurate answers to yourdosing questions. Check out our ad on the inside back cover of this manual to leam more about NeoFax Premier.

Youryoungest patients require special handling. Secure a healthy new beginning with NeoFax.

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Thomson Reuters ¡s proud to offer NeoFax® as part of our family oí products. Thomson Reuters NeoFax® provides trusted, evidence-based neonatal drug information. Quarterly updates to this content are made available via electronic versions of NeoFax®.

Thomson Reuters vvelcomes your inquiries, comments and suggestions for improvement.

Additions to this 24lh edition:

• Dextrose
• Magnesium sulfate
• Penicillin G benzathine
• Penicillin G procaine
• Pneumococcal 13-valent conjúgate vaccine (PCV13)
• Severa! new infant formulas added

Significant updates:

• Tall Man Letters appüed to drug ñames based on ISMP recommendations
• Cefotaxime: Revised dosing
• Ceftriaxone: Revised dosing
• Enoxaparin: Added Black Box Warning
• Epinephrine: Revised dosing
• Flecanide: Added Black Box Warning
• Furosemide: Updated monograph
• Insulin: Revised dosing
• Intravenous Immune Globulin: Revised Preparations table » Iron dextran: Added Black Box Warning
• Metoclopramide: Added Black Box Warning
• Octreotide: Revised dosing
• Propranolol: Revised dosing
• Protamine: Added Black Box Warning

Drug Concentrations and Compatibility Information References

Drug concentrations for injection/infusion are consistent vvith Pedialric Injectable Drugs, edition 9, 2010, editecl by Phelps SJ, Hak EB and Crill CM. Compatibility information has been updated, and the primary reference is Trissel’s Handbook of Injectable Drugs, edition 15, 2009. Both books are published by the American Society oí Health-System Pharmacists. The major sources of product availability information are the individual package inserts.

Compatibility Terms and Definitions

In the Compatibility sections, the term “Dex/AA” is used instead of “TPN” to desígnate parenteral nutrition Solutions that are similar to those used in neonates and contain dextrose, amino acids, and additives. For compatibility purposes, “terminal injection site” may be vievved as analogous to “Y-site injection” in adults. Terminal injection site in the neonate is meant to stress that it is important to infuse drugs as cióse to the patient as possible to provide effective drug delivery, for example at tri-fuse device attached to the IV catheter.

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