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Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy 2nd Edition – Jon C. Thompson

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Netter’s Concise Orthopaedic Anatomy
I suppose there is always a question regarding the reception a first edition of any text will receive before its publication. The response and enthusiasm for the first edition of this text have been rewarding and exceeded my optimistic expectations.
Inasmuch as imitation is a form of flattery, I am also pleased with the development of multiple other titles in the Netter’s Concise series that were based on the format of this text. Despite this encouragement, it quickly became clear that the first edition of this text, written predominantly while I was a medical student, was in need of an update.

Although the anatomy is a constant, our understanding of it, our terminology, and its clinical application continue to advance.
I received considerable feedback, both positive and negative, on the first edition.
Much of it was constructive, and I am grateful for all of it. The revision has been both challenging and rewarding. Formatting this enormous volume of material was a painstaking process, and I would like to thank John Casey, the production team, and all of those at Elsevier for their patience, hard work, and professionalism.
With their help I was able to develop my vision of this project. It has been a pleasure to work with them.
In this revision, I have tried to strike a balance between being thorough and yet concise while staying true to the original concept of the text, which was to allow the incomparable Netter artwork to do a majority of the teaching. Knowing it’s impossible to please everyone, I look forward to hearing how well the balance was or was not achieved.
In this second edition, every table, both anatomic and clinical, was updated or revised.
We were also able to enhance the text with radiographs, additional sections, and new artwork including additional surgical approaches. In the preface to the first edition I noted that the text embodied the book that I unsuccessfully tried to fi nd on the shelves of medical bookstores as a medical student. That failed search originally prompted me to write the text. With the above-mentioned updates and additions, I feel that statement should be amended. This edition is, in fact, the text for which I had originally searched and fulfills the vision of the initial undertaking that began over 10 years ago. I hope the readers find it so.


CHAPTER 1: Basic Science
1. Bones
2. Joints
3. Nerves
4. Muscles

CHAPTER 2: Spine
5. Topographic Anatomy
6. Osteology
7. Radiology
8. Trauma
9. Joints
10. History
11. Physical Examination
12. Muscles
13. Nerves
14. Arteries
15. Disorders
16. Pediatric Disorders
17. Surgical Approaches

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CHAPTER 3: Shoulder
18. Topographic Anatomy
19. Osteology
20. Radiology
21. Trauma
22. Joints
23. Minor Procedures
24. History
25. Physical Exam
26. Muscles
27. Nerves
28. Neurovascular Structures
29. Arteries
30. Disorders
31. Pediatric Disorders
32. Surgical Approaches

33. Topographic Anatomy
34. Osteology
35. Radiology
36. Trauma
37. Joints
38. Other Structures
39. Minor Procedures
40. History
41. Physical Exam
42. Origins and Insertions
43. Muscles
44. Nerves
45. Arteries
46. Disorders
47. Pediatric Disorders
48. Surgical Approaches

CHAPTER 5: Forearm
49. Topographic Anatomy
50. Osteology
51. Radiology
52. Trauma
53. Joints
54. Tunnels
55. Other Structures
56. Minor Procedures
57. History
58. Physical Exam
59. Muscles
60. Nerves
61. Arteries
62. Disorders
63. Pediatric Disorders
64. Surgical Approaches

65. Topographic Anatomy
66. Osteology
67. Radiology
68. Trauma
69. Tendons
70. Joints
71. Other Structures
72. Minor Procedures
73. History
74. Physical Exam
75. Origins and Insertions
76. Muscles
77. Nerves
78. Arteries
79. Disorders
80. Pediatric Disorders
81. Surgical Approaches

CHAPTER 7: Pelvis
82. Topographic Anatomy
83. Osteology
84. Radiology
85. Trauma
86. Joints
87. History
88. Physical Exam
89. Origins and Insertions
90. Muscles
91. Nerves
92. Arteries
93. Disorders
94. Surgical Approaches

CHAPTER 8: Thigh/Hip
95. Topographic Anatomy
96. Osteology
97. Radiology
98. Trauma
99. Joints
100. Minor Procedures
101. History
102. Physical Exam
103. Origins and Insertions
104. Muscles
105. Nerves
106. Arteries
107. Disorders
108. Pediatric Disorders
109. Surgical Approaches

CHAPTER 9: Leg/Knee
110. Topographic Anatomy
111. Osteology
112. Radiology
113. Trauma
114. Joints
115. Minor Procedures
116. History
117. Physical Exam
118. Origins and Insertions
119. Muscles
120. Nerves
121. Arteries
122. Disorders
123. Pediatric Disorders
124. Surgical Approaches

CHAPTER 10: Foot/Ankle
125. Topographic Anatomy
126. Osteology
127. Radiology
128. Trauma
129. Joints
130. Other Structures
131. Minor Procedures
132. History
133. Physical Exam
134. Gait
135. Origins and Insertions
136. Muscles
137. Nerves
138. Arteries
139. Disorders
140. Pediatric Disorders
141. Surgical Approaches

Title: Netter’s Clinical Specialties and Basic Sciences
Edition: 2nd Edition
Language: English
Author: Jon C. Thompson


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