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Neuroscience Exploring the Brain 4th Edition

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Neuroscience Exploring the Brain 4th Edition
The advances in neuroscience since publication of the third edition have been nothing short of breathtaking. The elucidation of the human genome has lived up to its promise to “change everything” we know about our brains. We now have insight into how neurons differ at the molecular level, and this knowledge has been exploited to develop revolutionary technologies to trace their connections and interrogate their functions.
The genetic basis for many neurological and psychiatric diseases has been revealed. The methods of genetic engineering have made it possible to create animal models to examine how genes and genetically defi ned circuits contribute to brain function.

Skin cells derived from patients have been transformed into stem cells, and these have been transformed into neurons that reveal how cellular functions go awry in diseases and how the brain might be repaired. New imaging and computational methods now put within reach the dream of creating a “wiring diagram” for the entire brain. A goal for the fourth edition was to make these and other exciting new developments accessible to the fi rst-time neuroscience student.
We authors are all active neuroscientists, and we want our readers to understand the allure of brain research. A unique feature of our book is the Path of Discovery boxes, in which famous neuroscientists tell stories about their own research. These essays serve several purposes: to give a fl avor of the thrill of discovery; to show the importance of hard work and patience, as well as serendipity and intuition; to reveal the human side of science; and to entertain and amuse. We have continued this tradition in the fourth edition, with contributions from 26 esteemed scientists.
Included in this illustrious group are Nobel laureates Mario Capecchi, Eric Kandel, Leon Cooper, May-Britt Moser, and Edvard Moser.

PART ONE: Foundations
CHAPTER ONE. Neuroscience: Past, Present, and Future
CHAPTER TWO. Neurons and Glia
CHAPTER THREE. The Neuronal Membrane at Rest
CHAPTER FOUR. The Action Potential
CHAPTER FIVE. Synaptic Transmission
CHAPTER SIX. Neurotransmitter Systems
CHAPTER SEVEN. The Structure of the Nervous System
Appendix: An Illustrated Guide to Human Neuroanatomy

PART TWO. Sensory and Motor Systems
CHAPTER EIGHT. The Chemical Senses
CHAPTER TEN. The Central Visual System
CHAPTER ELEVEN. The Auditory and Vestibular Systems
CHAPTER TWELVE. The Somatic Sensory System
CHAPTER THIRTEEN. Spinal Control of Movement
CHAPTER FOURTEEN. Brain Control of Movement

PART THREE: The Brain and Behavior
CHAPTER FIFTEEN. Chemical Control of the Brain and Behavior
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN. Sex and the Brain
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN. Brain Mechanisms of Emotion
CHAPTER NINETEEN. Brain Rhythms and Sleep
CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE. The Resting Brain, Attention, and Consciousness

PART FOUR: The Changing Brain

CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE. Molecular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory

Title: Neuroscience Exploring the Brain
Author: Mark F. Bear, Barry W. Connors, Michael A. Paradiso
Edition: 4th edition


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