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Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics 2nd Edition

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Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics
The first ‘boke’ of paediatrics printed in English was written by Thomas Phaire (1510–1560), a man from East Anglia who studied medicine at Oxford University. The book had 56 pages, measured 3 7/8 inches (9.8cm) by 2 5/8 inches (6.7cm), and covered ‘innumerable passions & diseases, wherunto the bodye of man is subiecte, and as well moste commonly the tender age of chyldren is chefely vexed and greued with these diseases folowyng. Apostume of the brayne, swellyng of the head.
In 1553, the ‘innumerable passions & diseases’ came to 39 presenting clinical problems. As clinicians, we first met and worked in the heart of East Anglia (Cambridge University) and have now collaborated with Oxford University Press in this venture, a new handbook of paediatrics. Our similarity with Thomas Phaire has not escaped us, particularly as we see the importance of basing a text on common presenting clinical problems.
Our principal aim is to provide a compact source of information and clinical thinking that can be used in the clinic or hospital ward, at a time when the child is being seen. The challenge, therefore, was to distil the content of information found in several textbooks into a conveniently sized handbook without the loss of important information. We easily reached the limit in pages given to us, and so we have had to be strict in sifting out key facts crucial to clinical practice. Our intention is that the handbook be used from the start of one’s education in paediatrics all the way through to higher general training in the field.

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Detailed contents
Symbols and abbreviations
1. Practising paediatrics
2. Epidemiology, evidence, and practice
3. Clinical assessment
4. Resuscitation
5. Emergency and high dependency care
6. Neonatology
7. Practical procedures
8. Cardiovascular
9. Respiratory medicine
10. Gastroenterology and nutrition
11. Nephrology
12. Endocrinology and diabetes
13. Growth and puberty
14. Neurology
15. Child development
16. Child and family psychiatry
17. Haematology
18. Oncology
19. Infectious diseases
20. Bones and joints
21. Adolescent health
22. Dermatology
23. Paediatric surgery
24. Special senses
25. Genetics
26. Inherited metabolic disease
27. Community child health
28. Child protection
29. Pharmacology and therapeutics
30. International health and travel
31. Paediatrics, ethics, and the law

Title: Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics
Edition: 2nd Edition
Authors: Robert C. Tasker, Robert J. McClure, Carlo L. Acerini
Language: English

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