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Almost all areas of intellectual pursuit in which there is an element of subjectivity share an interesting internal paradox. At first exposure, the field is a complete mystery. Then, as one acquires some of the domain knowledge and learns about the rules, the field starts to make sense, and before long may even seem trivial. However, as one delves deeper and
acquires experience, complexities and subtleties begin to re-emerge, as well as realization of the validity of some of the exceptions to the rules, and the field is suddenly less obvious and clear than it was before.
This is the value of experience; this is where true insight starts to emerge. Informatics shares this internal paradox. When I peruse the books available on informatics, it is this insight which I am seeking. The details of the data I can look up on the internet, but the insight is harder to find, and only comes from having
developed and implemented (or at least tried to implement) various solutions.


1. The Scope of Pathology Informatics
2. Desktop Computers: Hardware
3. Desktop Computers: Software
4. Networking and the Internet
5. Databases
6. Pathology LIS: Relationship to Institutional Systems
7. Evaluating Anatomic Pathology Information Systems
8. Digital Imaging in Anatomic Pathology
9. Video Microscopy and Telemicroscopy
10. Electronic Interfaces and Data Exchange
11. Case Identification by Diagnosis
12. External Regulations Pertinent to LIS Management
13. Pathology Informatics and the Future of Medicine

Author: John H. Sinard
Language: English

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