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“Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Agricultural Wastes”

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“Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Agricultural Wastes”
Agriculture is regarded as one of the most important fields of human industry, due to its role in ensuring global food security for over 7 billion people around the world and supporting other industries. Agricultural production creates a great amount of residues/byproducts, which are considered ‘wastes’. Interestingly, agricultural wastes contain many valuable bioactive compounds, possessing a wide range of potential pharmacological properties, which have great contributions to make in related industries, such as nutraceuticals/functional foods, medicines, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.
However, they are still underutilised as abundant, inexpensive, renewable and sustainable sources of natural bioactive compounds. In order to increase the value of agricultural production, reduce pollution risks and promote the development of related industries, we have prepared Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Agricultural Wastes


1 Potential, Uses and Future Perspectives of Agricultural Wastes
2 Bioactive Compounds and Extraction Techniques
3 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Tea, Coffee, Cacao and Cashew Wastes
4 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Fruit and Vegetable Wastes
5 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Wine Wastes Van Tang Nguyen
6 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Edible Oil Wastes Hoang Quoc Tuan and Nguyen Thi Thao
7 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Cane Sugar Wastes Nguyen Thi Thao and Hoang Quoc Tuan
8 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Starch Wastes
9 Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Other Agricultural Wastes
10 Economics and Market for Recovered Bioactive Compounds from Agricultural Wastes

Title: “Recovering Bioactive Compounds from Agricultural Wastes”
Author: Van Tang Nguyen
Language: English

PASSWORD/CONTRASEÑA: www.rinconmedico.me

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