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Ruppel’s Manual of pulmonary Function Testing 10th edition – Carl D. Mottram

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Ruppel’s Manual of pulmonary Function Testing
The primary functions of the lung are oxygenation of mixed venous blood and removal of carbon dioxide.
Gas exchange depends on the integrity of the entire cardiopulmonary system, including airways, pulmonary blood vessels, alveoli, respiratory muscles, and respiratory control mechanisms.
A few pulmonary function tests assess individual parts of the cardiopulmonary system. However, most lung function tests measure the status of the lungs’ components in an overlapping way.
This tenth edition describes the most common pulmonary function tests, their techniques, and the pathophysiology that may be evaluated by each test.
Topics covered include the following:
• Basic tests of lung function, including spirometry, lung volume measurements (i.e., body plethysmography, nitrogen washout and helium dilution), diffusing capacity, and blood gas analysis
• Ventilation and ventilatory control, cardiopulmonary exercise tests, and pediatric and infant pulmonary function testing
• Specialized test regimens that focus on bronchial challenge, exhaled nitric oxide measurements, forced oscillation techniques, metabolic studies, disability determination, and preoperative evaluation
• Pulmonary function testing equipment, quality assurance, and reference values and interpretation.

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CHAPTER 1: Indications for Pulmonary Function Testing
CHAPTER 2: Spirometry
CHAPTER 3: Diffusing Capacity Tests
CHAPTER 4: Lung Volumes, Airway Resistance, and Gas Distribution Tests
CHAPTER 5: Ventilation and Ventilatory Control Tests
CHAPTER 6: Blood Gases and Related Tests
CHAPTER 7: Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
CHAPTER 8: Pediatric Pulmonary Function Testing
CHAPTER 9: Bronchoprovocation Testing
CHAPTER 10: Specialized Test Regimens
CHAPTER 11: Pulmonary Function Testing Equipment
CHAPTER 12: Quality Systems in the Pulmonary Function Laboratory
CHAPTER 13: Reference Values and Interpretation Strategies
APPENDIX A: Answers to Self-Assessment Questions

Title: Ruppel’s Manual of pulmonary Function Testing
Author: Carl D. Mottram
Language: English
Edition: 10th edition


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