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Stress and Skin Disorders: Basic and Clinical Aspects

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Stress and Skin Disorders Basic and Clinical Aspects
The relationship between stress and skin disorders has long been recognized. It is commonly believed that many inflammatory skin diseases including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne and rosacea are exacerbated by stress. A number of clinical studies suggest that this is true although difficulties in appropriate controls and various confounding variables make this conclusion less than absolute. Nonetheless, there is extensive evidence from animal models that various forms of stress can exacerbate certain inflammatory dermatoses, lead to mast cell degranulation and result in faster growth of immunogenic transplantable malignancies.

Furthermore, in a mouse model, exposure to both chronic stress and ultraviolet radiation induced more rapid appearance of skin tumors compared to animals exposed to ultraviolet radiation without stress. Additionally, convincing evidence in animal models demonstrates that stress delays wound healing and inhibits perturbed skin barrier repair.
In addition to effects of stress on inflammatory skin disorders, the experience of having skin disorders, as well as the disturbance of interpersonal relations secondary to some of these diseases, may lead to psychological stress. Additionally, it is well known that some recognized dermatologic conditions (such as delusions of parasitosis), are primarily psychiatric disorders.

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1. Psychoneuroimmunology of Stress and Psychodermatologic Disorders
2. Evaluating the Role of Stress in Skin Disease
3. Anxiety, Depression, and OCD: Understanding Common Psychiatric Conditions in the Dermatological Patient
4. Skin Aging and Stress
5. Environmental Psychodermatology: Stress, Environment and Skin
6. Itch and Stress
7. Scars and Stress
8. Skin Picking and the Role of Stress
9. The Role of Stress in Dermatitis Artefacta
10. Psychodermato-Oncology and Stress
11. The Role of Stress in Body Dysmorphic Disorder
12. Stress and Atopic Dermatitis
13. Vitiligo
14. Hyperhidrosis and Stress
15. Acne and Rosacea
16. Stress Related Hair Disorders
17. Seborrheic Dermatitis
18. Role of Stress in Urticaria Syndrome
19. Stress and Wound Healing
20. Herpes and Stress
21. Psoriasis
22. Stress Management Techniques in the “Stressed”

Title: Stress and Skin Disorders: Basic and Clinical Aspects
Authors: Katlein França, Mohammad Jafferany
Language: English


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