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Systematic Musculoskeletal Examinations – George V. Lawry

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Systematic Musculoskeletal Examinations
Systematic Musculoskeletal Examinations is a clear, step­by­step learning text and atlas designed to teach essential and foundational skills of musculoskeletal physical assessment. Utilizing concise, easy­to­follow text and hundreds of outstanding photographs, this is an important resource for students, residents in training, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and practicing physicians seeking an organized approach to performing practical, problem­focused musculoskeletal physical examinations. Systematic Musculoskeletal
Examinations presents a 3­part learning system:

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1. Screening Musculoskeletal Examination (SMSE): rapid assessment of structure and function
2. General Musculoskeletal Examination (GMSE): comprehensive assessment of joint inflammation and arthritis
3. Regional Musculoskeletal Examination (RMSE): focused assessments of structure and function combined with special testing of the shoulder, knee, and neck and low back
Autor: George V. Lawry
Editorial: McG – H
Edición 1ª
Año: 2012
Páginas: 302
ISBN­10: 0071745211
ISBN­13: 978­0071745215
Idioma: Inglés

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