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Textbook of Family Medicine 3th Edition

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Textbook of Family Medicine
There are two kinds of textbooks: those that aim to cover a i eld of knowledge and those that aim to dei ne and conceptualize it. This book is of the second kind. Most textbooks in clinical disciplines are structured in accordance with the conventional system for classifying diseases. A family medicine text that adopts this structure faces two difi culties. Family physicians encounter clinical problems before they have been classii ed into disease categories. In principle, family physicians are available for any type of problem. There is thus no disease, however rare, that may not be encountered in family practice.

If a text tries to cover the whole i eld, it risks becoming a watered-down textbook of internal medicine.
More seriously, family medicine differs from most other disciplines in such fundamental ways that the conventional structure, though used in family medicine when appropriate, is at a variance with the organismic thinking that is natural to our discipline.
The third edition breaks new ground by having two authors. Professor Ian McWhinney, who was author of the i rst two editions of this textbook, graduated from Cambridge University in 1949 and entered practice in Stratford-on-Avon after internships in St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and a year of internal medicine at Warwick Hospital. In 1968, he became the i rst professor of Family Medicine at The University of Western Ontario. Thomas Freeman, professor of the Department of Family Medicine at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, The University of Western Ontario, graduated from The University of Western Ontario in 1976 and completed training in family medicine at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia. After practicing in Woodstock Ontario for 11 years, he became a full-time member of the Department of Family Medicine at Western in 1989.
This is actually the third edition of a book that began life as An Introduction to Family Medicine in 1981. The clinical chapters and the section on the practice of family medicine were added in the edition of 1989. The book and the ideas it presents have grown with the development of the discipline. Important themes run right through the book. For example, the process of clinical reasoning and narratives of illness emerge in many chapters, with cross-references to other chapters and to case reports. We have visualized the book as a whole, rather than as a series of disconnected chapters, so it is intended to be read as a whole. Since we have tried to anchor it to some fundamental ideas, we hope readers will ind it an aid to relection.


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Part I: Basic Principles
1. The Origins of Family Medicine
2. Principles of Family Medicine
3. Illness in the Community
4. A Proi le of Family Practice
5. Philosophical and Scientii c Foundations of Family Medicine
6. Illness, Suffering, and Healing
7. Doctor–Patient Communication
8. Clinical Method
9. The Enhancement of Health and the Prevention of Disease
10. The Family in Health and Disease

Part II: Clinical Problems

11. Acute Sore Throat
12. Headache
13. Fatigue
14. Hypertension
15. Diabetes

Part III: The Practice of Family Medicine
16. Home Care
17. Records
18. Consultation and Referral
19. The Health Professions
20. The Community Service Network
21. Alternative or Complementary Medicine
22. Practice Management

Part IV Education and Research
23. Continuing Self-Education
24. Research in Family Practice

Title: Textbook of Family Medicine
Edition: 3th edition
Authors: Ian R. McWhinney, Thomas Freeman
Language: English

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