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The Perils of Un-Coordinated Healthcare

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What does coordinated care through the continuum really look like? Until there is an understanding in every healthcare organization about the impact of un-coordinated care, patients – and their families – will suffer. The intent of this guidebook is twofold: to share case studies to generate discussion and to describe a management improvement system to apply in your organization by raising process improvement to a strategic level.
With over thirty years’ experience in the healthcare industry in a career focused on blending operational effi ciencies with healing environments, I was stunned and heartbroken by what happened to my own mother, the patient in Chapter 1 ’s story. I have achieved some solace in the knowledge that her case, with its negative outcome, can be used to illustrate methods in problem solving and integrating Lean with project management to bring about greater depths of change.


The perils of un-coordinated healthcare
1. A case study: the impact of preventable harm: what happened to my mother?
2. Discussion topics: what was the impact?
3.Human factors: the impact of the workplace: what is the truth about un-coordinated care?
A strategic approach toward eliminating preventable harm
4. Leading change
5. A guide to Process Improvement Strategy Deployment : what can you do?
6. Instruction on leading improvement

Title: The Perils of Un-Coordinated Healthcare
Author: Patricia W. Morrill
Language: English


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