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The SAGES Manual Transitioning to Practice

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The SAGES Manual Transitioning to Practice
Success in the surgical field depends on many factors. The most important factors are skill and knowledge in the operating room and experience in taking care of patients. Our residency programs do an excellent job in teaching residents and fellows these skills. The other half of success comes from excelling in the business of being a surgeon.

The average time a surgeon spends at their first job coming out of training has dropped to 2 years. This manual is aimed at educating those entering the surgical job market to the business side of being a surgeon. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of those who are seeking a job and help them understand the environment they are entering, and maximize their chances of success.


Part I:
1. Finding a Job—Employment Services, Word of Mouth, Job Boards
2. Choosing the Right Job—How to Find the Right Fit, What Should I Look For?
3. Contract Negotiations: Pitfalls and Traps When Reviewing Your Contract
4. How Do I Get Paid: Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance, Billing Pearls
5. Military and Government Practice

Part II:
6. Different Practice Models
7. How Do I Grow a Practice: Marketing, Word of Mouth, Getting Referrals
8. Retirement: 401k, Roth IRAs, College Funds, and More
9. Surgical Quality and Safety: Current Initiatives and Future Directions
10. Strategies to Help Establish Your Practice While Simultaneously Achieving Work Life Balance
11. Social Media and Networking in Surgical Practice

Part III:
12. Research: How to Set Up a Research Project
13. Manuscript Writing
14. Grant Writing
15. The Application of Biostatistics to Your Surgical Practice

Title: The SAGES Manual Transitioning to Practice
Authors: David B. Renton, Peter Nau, Denise W. Gee
Editorial: Springer International Publishing


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