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The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book

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The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book
We are very pleased to introduce the English language version of the book Parkour & Freerunning – Discover Your Possibilities. As Founders of the U.S.-based World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), we have watched with enormous satisfaction as the sport, the art and the lifestyle known as Parkour has made its way into the hearts and imaginations of Americans of all ages and backgrounds.

From Sébastien Foucan’s amazing opening chase scene in CASINO ROYALE to David Belle’s first New York visit in 2007, to the success of the WFPF series MTV’s ULTIMATE PARKOUR CHALLENGE in the summer of 2010, awareness of Parkour has been growing exponentially across America.


About this Book

A: Theory
1. The Historical Development of Parkour and Freerunning
1.1 Georges Hébert and His Méthode naturelle
1.2 Educational Progressivism at the Start of the 20th Century and Natural Gymnastics
1.3 R aymond Belle
1.4 David Belle
1.5 L’art du déplacement (The Art of Displacement)
1.6 Naming of the Movement Art of Parkour
1.7 S ébastien Foucan – From Parkour to Freerunning
1.8 Definition of Parkour and Freerunning
1.9 Further Development of Freerunning
1.10 O utlook – Current Trends and Developments
1.11 Parkour and Freerunning as Recreational, Mass and School Sports

2. Safety and Responsibility in PK and FR
2.1 Belle’s and Foucan’s Philosophies
2.2 General Behaviors in PK and FR
2.3 Safety Measures and Training Rules
2.4 Clothing, Shoes and More

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3. Training in PK and FR
3.1 Basic Anatomy and Physiology
3.2 Training Theory – Training Science
3.3 Training Session Organization
3.4 Example Exercises for Core and Supplementary Training

B: Practice
4. PK & FR – Basic Moves

4.1 Balancing – Équilibre
4.2 Running – Courir
4.3 Jumps – des Sauts
4.4 Landing Basics – Réception
4.5 Vaults – Passement/Passe Barrière
4.6 Climbing – Grimper
4.7 Hanging and swinging – Lâché
4.8 Underbar – Franchissement

5. Freerunning – Advanced Moves
5.1 Loops – Culbuter
5.2 Wall Tricks

6. Scene and Outlook
6.1 Interviews with Some of the World’s Best Freerunners at The Art of Motion in Sweden
6.2 The Scene
6.3 Groups
6.4 Workshops
6.5 Training and Further Education
6.6 Competitions
6.7 Clothing and Shoes
6.8 Miscellaneous

7. Parkour and Freerunning in Schools
7.1 Pedagogical Aims and Rationales for Parkour in Schools
7.2 Contents and Activities
7.3 Basic Principles of Curriculum Structure
7.4 Safety
7.5 Lesson Plans

8. The PK/FR Lexicon
8.1 Standing Positions Relative to the Obstacle
8.2 Axes of Rotation
8.3 Support and Hang Grips
8.4 Glossary of Parkour and Freerunning Techniques

9. Bibliography
Appendix 1
Appendix 2
Photo Credits

Title: The Ultimate Parkour & Freerunning Book
Discover Your Possibilities
2nd revised edition 2013
Authors: Jan Witfeld, Ilona E. Gerling, Alexander Pach
Language: English


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